La Molineta is a family business that specializes in the production, packaging andmarketing of Gofio. One of the most representative food products of the CanaryIslands.

The efforts of five generations have helped to consolidate the business culture ofalways seeking quality, effectiveness and efficiency.

Today, Gofio La Molineta's team is made up of eight professionals who arecompletely dedicated to taking care of this artisan work. Their commitment to thecompany, continuous training, and management of acquired knowledge guaranteethe continuity of the tradition.

The company has continuously allocated resources to R&D&I, technology watch andcompetitive intelligence, and performance optimisation in all areas. Proof of this isthat La Molineta:

  • It was the first twelve-sail mill, which made it possible to grind twice as much asconventional four-sail windmills..

  • In 1933 it was the first company with an electric line in San Cristóbal de La Laguna.

  • At the end of 1969 it was the first Gofio mill to use packaging machinery.

  • It has developed specific projects aimed at the technological improvement of itsfacilities, such as the introduction of automatic grain cleaning systems, pneumatic airinstallations, or shrink-wrapping machinery; and others focused on sustainability,eliminating plastic from packaging or incorporating energy efficiency into itsprocesses.

  • It has expanded the marketing and distribution options for its products in Germany,the USA and Japan, as well as in the Canary Islands and the Peninsula. Within theframework of the different internationalisation programmes it has carried out (ICEX,CANARY ISLANDS, ASINCA, CHAMBER OF TENERIFE)

  • It makes a continuous commitment to innovate its product offer. The result of thiseffort:

    • It has created new varieties adapted to consumers: some focused on children, withthree cereals; another for sportspeople, containing seven cereals; also for diabetics, which is unsalted and more toasted; the combination of cereals for people who needfibre in their diet, including barley; and the one made with chickpeas or spelt.

    • It has renewed the packaging in most of the references, improving the typical formatof the product (plastic and transparent bag) to give them a more current, practicaland higher quality style (with triple component of food use); introducing much moreinformation and facilitating their dosage with new formats such as single-dose orGofio dispensers.

Our efforts and investments in R&D&I have had a direct impact on the continuousimprovement of quality, effectiveness and efficiency, not only economically, but alsosocially and environmentally. Contributing to increasing the appreciation and positiveimage of the product by consumers.

All this has allowed us to optimize our competitiveness and to reach the vanguardwithin the Canarian milling sector; with a differential positioning in all those marketswhere we have or want to have presence.

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