Crepes of gofio stuffed with salmon

Original crepes that adapt to any filling, sweet, salty, cold or hot, these crepes of gofio can be filled with whatever you like.

Crepes of gofio stuffed with salmon

Recipe by Cocinando para mis cachorros




Cooking time






  • 350 ml. of milk (I used skimmed, but you can use the one you like best)

  • 200 gr. of flour

  • 50 gr. of canarian gofio

  • 1 teaspoon of salt

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 envelope of smoked salmon

  • 2 boiled eggs

  • 2 lettuce leaves per person

  • 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise per person, to taste

  • Anything else you can think of: a teaspoon of capers, dill, etc.


  • We mix all the ingredients of the dough well, by hand or with an electric mixer.
  • Keep in the refrigerator for at least one hour, so that it takes consistency.
  • The dough should be relatively thick so that the crepe can be turned over without breaking, but light enough for the crepe to be thin.
  • My advice: it is preferable to leave it a little thicker because we will make a first test crepe and if we see that it needs some more liquid, it is easier to add this later than to thicken the dough with flour.
  • Meanwhile, we prepare the filling, chopping very finely, to taste, all the ingredients and putting them in bowls to have them at hand when the time comes to use them.
  • After the rest time, we take a big pan or a crepe maker (it is a special device to prepare crepes, which I used because my sister lent it to me, but it is not essential; with a good pan we can manage perfectly). Heat the pan; when it is very hot, oil it very lightly so that there is no excess oil.
  • The ideal is to add just a drop and spread it with a paper napkin or a silicone brush.
  • Add part of the crêpe batter, by spoonfuls or with a light squirt. Try to spread it well over the whole surface of the pan and make sure it is quite thin. We will try, in addition, that it is rounded so that it leaves more cute.
  • To know when it is time to turn the crepe, we will look at the surface of it. The part that is facing upwards: when it is full of little bubbles, we will consider that it is well made on the other side. It will be time to turn it over very carefully so that it does not break.
  • I confess that I did it with my hands, at the risk of burning myself, because when I tried to use a trowel, I had the impression that it would break. This is where the skill of each person comes into play: you may be one of those who turn the omelette upside down by throwing it into the air. In that case, this will be peccata minuta.
  • Cook the crepe on the other side and when it is ready, put it aside on a plate to continue cooking the other crepes in the same way until the dough is finished. As they are ready, we reserve them one on top of the other so that they keep their heat.
  • The crepes are now ready; all we have to do is arrange the ingredients for the filling and roll them up to eat them when they are still warm.