Banana and Gofio Pancakes

It teaches us how to make some gofio and banana pancakes, perfect for a special breakfast, as well as super canary, these pancakes are also super healthy and easy.

Banana and Gofio Pancakes

Recipe by El cuaderno de recetas






  • 75g. of Wheat Beans

  • 8 g. of yeast

  • 4 g. salt

  • 5 ml. of vanilla

  • 100ml of whole milk

  • 35 ml mineral water

  • 1 egg

  • 25 g. of melted butter

  • 75 g. of ripe banana


  • We put all the dry ingredients in a large sieve and sift them.
  • We leave the banana well chopped with the fork.
  • In a bowl put all the wet ingredients.
  • Join the dry and wet ingredients and beat with the mini primer.
  • Let the dough rest in the fridge for half an hour.
  • If you see the dough too thick when you take it out, add two or three spoonfuls of milk.
  • In a Teflon frying pan, with a napkin soaked in butter, drop a large spoonful of dough, always over medium heat.
  • When we see that it is bubbling on the surface, we turn it over carefully.
  • Never crush it, it would make the pancake spongy.
  • Leave them a few seconds and they are ready, we leave them on a plate piled up so that they do not lose heat and when they are all ready, we take them to the table.
  • We can serve them with whatever we like: chocolate, cream, honey…


  • Trick: when in some recipe you need the ripe banana and the ones at home are green at that moment, I do the following: on the outside of the peel, we squeeze the banana a little, taking care not to break it, and we take it to the freezer. After two hours we can take it out, we give it 30 seconds of microwave and you have it ready, a super soft and perfect meat to use.