Wheat Gofio (single-dose)

Wheat Gofio (single-dose) View larger


Without salt (25 gr): Specially prepared for catering and schools. In boxes of 150 units. The most practical way of consuming Gofio. 

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Nutrition facts wheat Gofio, normal toasted

 Per 100 gr
Energetic value405 Kcal
Calories21 Kcal
Total fat2,32 gr
Cholesterol<0,1 gr
Carbohydrates82,61 gr
Dietary fibre0,8 gr
Proteins13,44 gr
Vitamin B21,4 mgr
Vitamin B31,1 mgr
Sodium0,12 gr
Potassium0,39 gr
Calcium<0,25 mgr
Magnesium0,1 gr
Phosphorus272 mgr
Zinc2,3 mgr
Iron3 mgr