Located in the central neighbourhood of Laguna, San Honorato, previously called Llanos de los Molinos, the Gofio La Molineta mill was built at the end of the XIX century (1866) by Mr. Isidro Ortega, famous builder from La Palma that revolutionised all the milling of that period.

For nearly 150 years, La Molineta has produced high quality Gofio for all of its clients, from the classic wheat Gofio to that of seven cereals, or chickpea Gofio. All that without leaving its commitment to innovation throughout all is years. Proof of that is the fact that La Molineta was the first mill with more than four asps, it had twelve, that way considerably increasing the speed of the grinding; it was the first company with electricity power supply in San Cristobal de La Laguna; it was the first Gofio mill to use packaging machinery and many other innovations that continue proving that La Molineta is a referential mill, with state of the art technology.

In addition to that, La Molineta has always taken into account its social task and it’s belonging to a community and, therefore, its duty of contributing to the same. An example of that is the much collaboration with organisations like Food Bank, the San Juan Church soup kitchen (San Cristobal de La Laguna), the Sonrisas Canarias NGO (Valle Seco), The Kairós Association, The Mírame Televisión Christmas Marathon, The Insular Sailing Federation of Tenerife, The Padre Anchieta Football Club, and many others.

The Gofio La Molineta team is formed by eight professionals fully dedicated to this traditional labour. Their commitment with the company and tradition has been for more than twenty years, using all their knowhow for the making of our product.

Gofio La Molineta team